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Booking Policy

Your appointments are very important to us. The time allocated for an appointment is reserved especially for you. We do understand that sometimes, schedule adjustments are necessary, therefore, we respectfully request at least 48 hours notice for adjustments for your appointments and cancellations. In the event that you would need to cancel without a prior 48 hours' notice, you will incur a cancellation fee of $25 (deducted from your deposit). You will be given another 24 hours to advise and if we have not heard from you by then and until your next appointment, you will be tagged as a "NO CALL NO SHOW CLIENT" and your full payment and whole deposit are forfeited. Our policies are designed to benefit our guests and provide the best quality and tradition of excellent services for our established and future clientele.

After 15 minutes, there will be a late fee of $15. Anything after 20 minutes will be considered a "No Show". If you decide to cancel and would like to book another date your deposit can be transferred to a new date only once.

Body contouring Service:

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • If you have a waist trainer or water bottle please bring it with you.

  • Booking for 3 sessions is recommended bare minimum for permanent results.


  • Please remember to drink at least 48oz fluid oz or 4 bottles of water before you arrive at your appointment. If you arrive at your appointment without hydrating your body beforehand YOUR RESULTS WILL VARY


I am not responsible for your results because you did not properly hydrate. Your water intake matters


We strictly impose safety, especially during these times. To avoid risks, you are not allowed to bring someone else besides you during your treatment, unless they are being serviced too.

refund policy

ALL TREATMENTS, PACKAGES, AND PRODUCTS are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable. We reserve the right to offer and recommend alternative treatments if the ones requested are not available. Under no circumstances will a refund be issued for services rendered. We would offer to fix any issues instead.


Pricing Disclaimer: All prices may be changed at any time without notice. We reserve the right to change our product and service prices at our discretion.

Booking Disclaimer: Please use a valid phone number and email address when booking with us. This will assure you are receiving proper notification about appointments and our special promotions. If by any chance you did not receive a confirmation email after paying - please reach out to us. By booking your appointment, you are agreeing that you understand ALL of our terms and policies


Social Media and Results Disclaimer: With all Before and After images, stock photos, Patient Testimonials, or Reviews shown on the site, no claims are made these results are typical. Results vary with each individual patient, and results are cannot be guaranteed. All Client Testimonials are individual patient opinions and do not represent claims or guarantees of results.

Shipping Policy

We specialize in homemade products for your slimming and wellness! You are welcome to pick them up at our studio during business hours or we can ship them to you and you'll receive them within 7-10 business days for a minimal shipping fee. All products are non-refundable since they are consumable.

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